BC Provincial SBX Team

In September of 2020 I joined the BC Provincial team.  I attended a dryland training camp, and fitness testing in the Whsitler & Vancouver area at the end of September.  The following 6 weeks were spent in the gym doing a sport specific training regime.  I also spent time mountain biking.


Younger days

Rocky Mountain House, AB

I was born and raised in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.  My two brothers and I spent a lot of time playing outside.  Our parents encouraged us to use our imaginations and stay active.  I played many sports from swimming to hockey; baseball, soccer, gymnastics and dance. 

I learned to snowboard at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort at age 10, but I never got really good at the basics.  Growing up in Rocky, elite training programs weren't available for snow sports.  So I put my energy elsewhere...

I spent middle school & highschool playing more accessible sports.  Basketball was my favorite.  I was able to travel to Lake Louise, AB to snowboard on some weekends, but I remained cautious; in fear of getting injured and not being able to play ball.  


Fresh adult ways

Kelowna, BC

From 2012-2015 I owned and operated a small business with my younger brother, we called it

QK Lawn Care. Together we maintained 36 properties May-October.  I moved to Kelowna, BC in November of 2014 and I spent most of my time on the slopes during the 2014/15 season.  I had seen a couple snowboardcross competitions in Big White and I was always drawn to the adrenaline rush.  I had a need for speed... (maybe that's why I was nicknamed KenBlock)

In 2017 I attended post-secondary at MC College Kelowna.  I pursued a trade as a Hairstylist.  I also spent a lot of focused time on the slopes, with friends who encouraged me to compete; after entering a fun race in Big White.

Competition Craze

Big White, BC

Every part of my life brings me back to snowboarding.  After competing for fun, I got in touch with the Executive Director of BC Snowboard & entered into a Provincial series in March of 2018.  I was excited and terrified all at once. 

I peed my pants a little in that first race...  I knew I was in the right place.  

I was the eldest competitor at this event, and the younger girls were fierce.  I placed 1st in race #1 and 2nd in race #2.  The coach that mentored me here, suggested I compete in Western Canadian Championships the following week.  It was there that I saw what the sport was REALLY like.  Specialized race boards, coaches brushing wax out of boards seconds before heats were dropping, and Olympic athletes from the 2018 Winter Games. 

I placed second last... BUT I got to watch the racing, see, feel and hear the intensity.  I also met a coach who has played a key role in my personal-development, on and off the sbx track.  I didn't know who they were at the time, however, I admired the way they critiqued the athlete's ability.  I was drawn to their constructive criticism and apparent knowledge of the sport.

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