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"Rocky Mountain House snowboarder seeking Canada’s support to achieve Olympic dream"

Salmon Arm Observer

"Okanagan athlete asks for support in pursuing Olympic dream"

Revelstoke Review

"Okanagan athlete asks for support in pursuing Olympic dream"

"Snowboarding-Kennedy Justinen"

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2022 NorAm Season

With two World Cup under my belt and multiple Europa Cups, it was well within reach to rank in the top 3 overall on the NorAm Cup to receive a personal World Cup spot for the 2023 season.

The overall rankings are based on the athlete's best 6 results.  Pictured is a heat from the kickoff event in Banff Sunshine Village, AB.  Pictured on the left, I started the season strong with two Big Final results 2nd & 4th.  

Moving on to Gore Mountain, NY,  Big White, BC,  and Beaver Valley, ON  I found myself ranked second overall with the following results.  2nd & 2nd, 3rd & 5th, and 2nd & 3rd respectively. 










As the season progressed I found myself content but craving more.  I knew I could easily reach

my season goal to finish in the top 3 but with two events left, I dug deep for a win.  

Canadian Nationals were hosted in Mt. Orignal, QC and this course felt quite familiar.  I had placed in the top 8 two years prior so I was prepared to leave it all on the table.  I had the fastest time in qualifications, giving me the best gate choice in each heat.  I finished both the quarter-final and semi-final heats in 1st, sending me to the Big Final for the day.  With the help of my coach I chose the most direct line into the course and I finally won a race.  

Although I had won, it wouldn't have been an sbx season without a curve ball.  Two days after Nationals I tested positive for Covid-19 in an attempt to head to Copper Mountain, USA for the final event of the season.  

At this point in the season I was still ranked 2nd place overall.  I had positioned myself well-enough throughout the season that even though I couldn't race in Colorado, the worst I could finish was 3rd overall, based on other riders results.  Goal accomplished.  

Younger days

Rocky Mountain House, AB

I was born and raised in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.  My two brothers and I spent a lot of time playing outside.  Our parents encouraged us to use our imaginations and stay active.  I played many sports from swimming to hockey, baseball, soccer, gymnastics and dance. 

I learned to snowboard at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort at age 10, but I never got really good at the basics.  Growing up in Rocky, elite training programs weren't available for snow sports.  So I put my energy elsewhere...

I spent middle school & highschool playing more accessible sports.  Basketball was my favorite.  I was able to travel to Lake Louise, AB to snowboard on some weekends, but I remained cautious; in fear of getting injured and not being able to play ball.  


Fresh adult ways

Kelowna, BC

From 2012-2015 I owned and operated a small business with my younger brother, we called it

QK Lawn Care. Together we maintained 36 properties May-October.  I moved to Kelowna, BC in November of 2014 and I spent most of my time on the slopes during the 2014/15 season.  I had seen a couple snowboardcross competitions in Big White and I was always drawn to the adrenaline rush.  I had a need for speed... (maybe that's why I was nicknamed KenBlock)

In 2017 I attended post-secondary at MC College Kelowna.  I pursued a trade as a Hairstylist.  I also spent a lot of focused time on the slopes, with friends who encouraged me to compete; after entering a fun race in Big White.

Competition Craze

Big White, BC

Every part of my life brings me back to snowboarding.  After competing for fun, I got in touch with the Executive Director of BC Snowboard & entered into a Provincial series in March of 2018.  I was excited and terrified all at once. 

I peed my pants a little in that first race...  I knew I was in the right place.  

I was the eldest competitor at this event, and the younger girls were fierce.  I placed 1st in race #1 and 2nd in race #2.  The coach that mentored me here, suggested I compete in Western Canadian Championships the following week.  It was there that I saw what the sport was REALLY like.  Specialized race boards, coaches brushing wax out of boards seconds before heats were dropping, and Olympic athletes from the 2018 Winter Games. 

I placed second last... BUT I got to watch the racing, see, feel and hear the intensity.  I also met a coach who has played a key role in my personal-development, on and off the sbx track.  I didn't know who they were at the time, however, I admired the way they critiqued the athlete's ability.  I was drawn to their constructive criticism and apparent knowledge of the sport.

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